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Brief Story

In 2011 we decided to come to the United States as immigrants with the determination to succeed & to give our kids more opportunities. In 2012 the idea of opening a 'El Pilon Colombian Food' became more of a reality. We started attending farmers markets throughout Portland & doing as many events as we were able to do to see if people did like our food & they did! That following year we opened our food cart, the same one you are looking at right now. At first business was hard, opening every day of the year, going to events, working odd jobs & so much more just to make ends meet, but you guys kept coming back & we are glad you did. Since 2012 we have given everything to this business & in return it has given us opportunity, friends, & a lifetime of experiences. We hope to serve you & to continue doing so. 

el comienzo de el pilon.jpg
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